What Does Frontpoint Security Cost?

How much does Frontpoint cost?  You have come to the right place if you are asking that question. We answer the most common questions about Frontpoint’s pricing below. And, give you tips for saving money on Frontpoint.

Frontpoint Pricing Questions Answered

We see a lot of questions about Frontpoint’s pricing. Many people don’t even know that Frontpoint charges customers upfront for their equipment and then each month for monitoring services.

So, we made it easy to find all of the different costs associated with a Frontpoint home security system. Keep reading to see how much Frontpoint costs.

Also, our website is actively maintained and we regularly update this post, so all of the information stays up-to-date and accurate.  We hope it answers all of your pricing questions.  Thanks for coming by and please leave a comment before you go.

How much does Frontpoint cost upfront?

ANSWER: $99 with approved credit and a 3-year agreement.

You are going to spend at least $99 to get a Frontpoint security system.  That amount includes the “up to” $300 instant discount they give to customers with approved credit that sign a 36 month monitoring agreement.  $99 upfront is standard for most home security systems.

How much does Frontpoint cost each month?

ANSWER: $34.99 – $49.99 per month depending on the plan.
Frontpoint’s monthly monitoring fee ranges from $34.99 to $49.99 and is based on the service plan you select.  Most Frontpoint customers get the Interactive Plan for $44.99/mo.  Frontpoint’s rates are competitively priced and come with superior customer service.

What makes Frontpoint pretty unique is that all of their plans come with Cellular monitoring.  When shopping around make sure you are comparing the same monitoring types.  Low rates like $19.99/mo require a standard home phone (landline).  Cellular monitoring is safer and has more features available, such as remote access or “crash and smash” protection.

How do I get a Frontpoint security system?

ANSWER: Call (855) 903-7510 and order.

It is really easy to order from Frontpoint and they have a very low pressure sales approach.  You can get a Frontpoint security system by following these four steps:

  1. Call Frontpoint at (855) 903-7510 or request a quote on their website.
  2. Talk to a Frontpoint security consultant about your needs and make sure to ask about their Interactive Services.
  3. Ask for a free smoke & heat sensor or image sensor.  Trust us it works!
  4. Electronically sign their monitoring agreement.

It’s that simple!  And, don’t forget they give you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What are the Frontpoint security equipment costs?

ANSWER: Equipment rates vary. Their prices are listed below.

Frontpoint has per piece pricing on their home security equipment.  You can get an instant discount of “up to” $300 off the total cost of equipment when you first order.

Frontpoint’s instant discount requires a 3-year monitoring agreement and approved credit, which is standard with most home security companies.  The discount is “up to” $300 off because the final order total can’t be below $99.

Frontpoint is a good option if you do not have much money to spend on a home security system. They will always let you add additional equipment to your home security system later.  It is really easy to add on to a Frontpoint system as well.  So, don’t break your budget now.  It’s okay if you can not afford everything this moment.

Frontpoint security consultants do not get paid to push additional equipment.  They will work with you to build a package that meets your basic security needs now, while staying within your current budget. Then you just call Frontpoint’s customer service team later when you have a few extra bucks.

Their customer service team will help you expand your security system.  If you only need one or two items ask them to waive the cost.  They do not have an official policy about giving free equipment away, but will usually do whatever it takes to make customers happy.  It doesn’t always work, but it won’t hurt to ask.  Here is Frontpoint’s equipment price list.

Frontpoint Equipment Price List

Control PanelsIntrusionEnvironmentalCameras & AutomationAccessories

Security System Control Panels

  • Control Panel(with Cellular Link) $238.99
  • Touch-Screen Control Panel $387.99

Intrusion Detection

  • Door or Window Sensor $32.99
  • Recessed Door Sensor $42.99
  • Motion Sensor $64.99
  • Glassbreak Sensor $74.99
  • Image Sensor $89.99
  • Garage Door Sensor $44.99

Environmental Sensors

  • Smoke and Heat Sensor $64.99
  • Water/Flood Sensor $44.99
  • Carbon Monoxide Sensor $89.99

Security Cameras & Home Automation

  • Wireless Camera $129.99
  • Wireless Light Control $49.99

Security System Accessories

  • Keychain Remote $29.99
  • Extra Yard Sign $3.99
  • Extra Window Decals (5 Pack) $3.99
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